About Us

Patrice Tribble owner of SecretEatingSociety are dedicated to establishing care free travel for every traveler. They each have over 20+ years experience in Fortune 500 corporations and extensive travel experience.

Patrice Tribble – SecretEatingSociety Founder

The care free travel starts with the experience of every agent employed by All World Travel. Our agents have an average of 18 years experience in the travel industry and our agents hold destination specialist certifications world wide. In total we have over 360 years of experience.

So how does this help you when you book a ticket or plan a vacation with All World Travel? The knowledge and skills of our agents provide you with the best value for your dollar. Our agents monitor your reservation from the beginning to the end for schedule changes, price reductions, flight number changes, and seating preference.

We simply want to make the whole process as easy and stress-free as possible.