Exploring Phi Phi Island with Low Cost

Phi Phi Don has beautiful beches, long beach one that can only be achieved by Long Tail boat for 5-10 minutes. The beach is also very attractive, with turquoise water and clear colour located in the extreme to suppose we are in the dock and facing the island.

Together with 12 backpackers in April 2007 we were trip to Phi Phi Island start from Bangkok. Bus ticket (double decker) our travel agents in Khaosan Road 500baht price (price group, 600Bath normal price). Leave at 6 pm, the bus arrived at Surat Thani at 6 AM. Rest for a while, change buses and continue the trip to Krabi, take 2 hours. From Krabi we continue to Aonang beach about 20 minutes. For the boat to Phi Phi to Krabi town daari itself or from Aonang Beach.

From the second place boat off 2x a day at 08.30 and 14:00 hours. We stayed at in Aonang Grand Inn Aonang. Boat tickets purchased at the merangkat hostel travel agents with one way 390baht price. In the morning we were picked up by truck to the dock is open for about 10 minutes from the hostel. Boat rode quietly, because the waves were calm. The best time to visit Phi Phi from November to April. Outside this time the waves are often large and sometimes if the harm, boat left undone. Had stopped a bit amid the sea to transport passengers from Railey beach which comes with a Long Tail boat. During the 1.5 hour journey as compelling as the sights tebing2 towering limestone and the sea is very clean.

Arriving on the island of Phi Phi Don we find in the hostel located informational didermaga center. We stayed at the guesthouse with a price of U.S. individuals around Rp. 90.000 (3 people sharing a room). In fact many guesthouse guesthouse-strewn cheaper there, there Banthai guesthouse 400 bath / rooms rates. If you do not find yourself tired guest house suggested, lay behind the dock. On the island of Phi Phi there are no motorized vehicles, only carts barang2 to carry passengers. The air is clean because there is no pollution.

The next day we took the tour to Phi Phi Ley (uninhabited island) with a Long Tail boat including a 4-hour snorkel 250bath/orang rates. We visited Maya beach where filming ‘the beach’ is. But we did not land there because you have to pay again (forget how). But from a distance of 100 feet we could see the colors sparkling white sands, clear waters, beaches surrounded by limestone cliffs, provides a perfect view. After snorkeling around the virtual beach, we continue to travel Pileh cove, Loh Samah and Viking cave. Phi Phi Island is a very unique shape, consisting of limestone cliffs that stand out amid the sea for granted. Among these cliffs there are niches where Maya beach, Loh Samah and Pileh Cove is. Very calm in these niches, the water clear and not choppy.
Phi Phi Don in the complete facility, there are banks, ATMs, hotels storey, restaurant, cafe, thai massage, cafe, travel agents, diving center, all of the complete supporting facilities of tourism is here.  After check-out at 10.00 (I do not really know U.S. guesthouse or hostel there requires that all check-out at 10.00 am not at 12.00 as usual), we continue the trip to Phuket. Rate 390 baht the same boat, and travel are also eating the same time, 1 ½ hours.

Phi Phi Island got hit by a tsunami in December 2004, but quickly recovered. So almost all the buildings or the roof of the building still looks new here.

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  • It is nice to definitely find a site where the blogger is well-informed.

  • I just wanted to say that I found your site via Goolge and I am glad I did. Keep up the good work and I will make sure to bookmark you for when I have more free time away from the books. Thanks again!

  • The food in Phuket is fantastic and cheap, all the Thais we met were very nice and eager to advice use. We stayed at Bann Thai Resort and Spa- a completely different place to the hectic tourist trap in the east of Phuket City.

  • I was in Samui for the last two weeks of February 2007 and had a remarkable time – I always do! The coolest part of the year is between late May until November (the monsoon season). When I was there, it rained a hardly a couple of times, but then rapidly dried up after. Many people visit in the high season (November to March) because of pleasant temperatures, blue skies and low rain. As a answer tourism is at its highest and everything can be a little more expensive. Hotels and tours can be quite jammed and some tourist hot spots are not quite so laid back.

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